Thursday, March 21, 2013

Comparison of Dedicated and Shared Web Hosting

 When you want to have a site online, picking the best web hosting company is a critical decision. The appropriate method to decide on the best web host is to examine your expectations based upon a few factors that will aid you slim down the list of available web site hosting. Researching the technical task of finding the best web host can be made easy with a fast list of what you desire out of a web hosting solution.

Web site hosting is usually divided into two primary categories, shared web hosting, and dedicated web hosting. Both of these web hosting types have positive and negatives which we will look at in detail. So read on and gain knowledge about the right way to choose the perfect web host.

As I mentioned earlier there are two types of hosting, shared and dedicated. First lets look at the most common form of web site hosting, shared web site hosting. Shared hosting is the most common web hosting solution. Millions of web sites are hosted on shared servers. The main benefit of a shared hosting account is the cost. The drawback to shared hosting is that shared hosting don't give total command of a server and resources that is standard with dedicated web hosting. For most webmasters generally a shared web site hosting account is best for their plans and the price can't be beat.

Dedicated hosting is the second web hosting solution you will come across. Dedicated servers are just that, dedicated only to one client. You have an increased level of stability and customization with the server when compared with shared hosting. Unfortunately for web masters that are on a small hosting budget, dedicated web hosting solutions is not as affordable as shared hosting. Basically one client is paying for the entire server so the expense is greater, but there are the benefits that come with dedicated hosting.

In the end you need to look at your needs and determine a budget you can afford and the technology and flexibility you demand. Understanding what you expect out of a hosting solution will help you on the correct path to picking the right web host your website.


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