Friday, February 1, 2013

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Hosting means you share the server where your site is hosted with other websites. When you get a shared hosting account, your site is placed on a server that also hosts several other websites owned by different people. The internet connection, the space on the server's hard disk and other operational resources are shared by the websites that are hosted on that particular server. This will bring down the cost of hosting the website considerably. There are several advantages of Shared Web Hosting:

Affordable: Lesser cost is the biggest benefit of a shared hosting account. Since the server space is shared between many websites, the cost also gets shared between them. This brings down the cost for an individual website considerably.

Hassle Free Server Administration: When you share you server space with other websites, many of the concerns like server security, data backup and software updates is taken care of by the server administrators. If you had your own dedicated server, you would have to bear the expenses of all of these and also look into these matters yourself.

No Installation and Troubleshooting: Since the shared hosting provider is taking care of the server administration, you don't have to install any software. You also don't have to be concerned about troubleshooting if something wrong happens.

Multiple Options: Since the server space in Shared Hosting gets shared between multiple websites, the web hosting companies come up with several hosting packages to suit the different needs of different sites. This lets you pick and choose from the various features that the web hosting company provides.

Extra Features: Since many sites share the server space, many hosting companies provide different features to cater to the different requirements of the websites. Hence, you may get an extra script at no additional cost. Some of these features may include shopping cart, guest books, mailing lists, blogs, databases and more.

Flexibility: If you have a dedicated server for your website, there are not too many things that you can do with it. However, if your website runs on a shared server, then migration from one platform to another, adding or deleting features, upgrading or downgrading the server space and other such things become easy and inexpensive.


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