Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Way to Web Hosting

With the rapid growing of communications and World Wide Web, internet has been slowly but firmly becoming part of our life. Almost every aspect of our life is connected to the internet. You surf for information, you surf for entertainment, you shop through surfing, you communicate works and keep in touch with friends and etc. Everything you do online has relation with web hosting as web hosting is the foundation of all online activities.

What is web hosting
So what is web hosting? Pretty simple. Imagine your computer, it has motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive and etc. Web hosting is like your hard drive, a storing space hosted in a computer. But this computer is slightly different with your home PC but generally it has the same hardware only differ in term of the performance and function. They call it server computer. In short, web hosting is a storing space in a server computer which is connected to the internet. Therefore everything hosted in the web hosting can be accessed by any internet user around the world.

Why should I care about web hosting
In fact you do not need to care much about web hosting but your email account, blogs, credit card transactions and all other online activities need web hosting to survive. Can you not care about it? Anyway, what I want to share here is the power of web hosting. With the popularity of internet, everybody wants to have their own web hosting for various reasons. Web hosting will someday become a commodity like your cellular phone. You probably want to use it for your personal blog, or a personal platform to to get in touch with people, or even a remote hard drive that back up data from your home PC.

What can I do with web hosting
Now you understand the trend and the importance of web hosting in your life but you wonder what you can do with a piece of web hosting. Thousands of things you can utilize with your web hosting. You may Google for more comprehensive coverage but for example, one of the popular things to do with web hosting is to host your blog, either a personal or business blog. Okay, I am pretty sure you will ask why you need a personal web hosting while there are many free web hosting around like blogger.com and wordpress. For personal blog, you can have unlimited access and storage on your data thus giving you tons of conveniences to store whatever you want like video and audio. Perhaps your friends want to download something from you. While the other hand a web hosting gives a very professional image on your business blog. On top of the conveniences you get from web hosting, you can have your business email with your choice of domain name.

What do I need to do to get a web hosting
You need to shop for web hosting. When I say shop that means you will need to properly choose a web hosting service. You need to do some surveys on hosting providers. Something need your attentions is that the cheapest web hosting doesn't mean the best and also the most expensive one might not suit your needs. Therefore, be smart in the shopping. Know what you want, and look for the things. Always compare web hosting services.

As a closing, I would like to emphasize again the evolutions that the internet is having is unbelievable quick. The world has become borderless in the World Wide Web but it is not hosting-less. Therefore if you are looking for a web hosting, make sure that the hosting does give you quality service and make you a fish to the water in the internet with the things you want to do online.


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