Saturday, December 15, 2012

Differences Between Dedicated Servers and Shared Hosting

Many new companies usually go for shared hosting for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is because of the costs. With a limited budget, shared hosting is usually the best starting point for many people. Over time, the business grows and traffic to the site increases. This makes reliable shared hosting as it can result in longer load time of web pages and other disadvantages. It is at this time that an upgrade becomes a necessity and one of the most common is the use of dedicated servers. There are a number of different features between these two most common web hosting solution.

IP Address Common vs Personal: All websites that are hosted on a shared server has an identical IP address. Although every website has a personal domain name and different, common IP address has been known to cause some problems with the website search engines. On the other hand, dedicated servers come with a unique IP address. Only known site hosted by IP address. This protects the websites of any penalties that may be slapped collectively to websites hosted on a shared server.

Server Customization: Web site owners have different needs varied. Some may want to install applications on their servers or generally improve the performance of your servers. If you do that, you can do with dedicated servers rather than shared hosting. Dedicated servers allow either to improve the server's memory, upgrade the processor and disk space. With shared hosting, this is impossible, since we have no control over the servers.

Server to share their resources, the distribution of resources shared hosting server has been a source of problems for many web hosting web site owners. Obstructs the servers that make the bad performance. Dedicated servers are just that, they are dedicated to a single site and no sharing of resources. This means that websites have an entire server themselves and therefore have faster performance compared to shared hosting.

Costs: The cost of the services provided will be included in the search and selection of different goods and services. Shared hosting is the cheapest way to have your website hosted. This is because the costs are distributed uniformly. Dedicated servers on the other hand are quite expensive and I can not appeal to webmasters that operate on a limited budget. There is no sharing of the servers and you have to bring the total cost of the hosting service.

Installation and Maintenance: Webmasters with shared hosting does not have to maintain and service servers. This is the role of the web host must ensure that the servers are always running. By contrast, require dedicated servers holds the owner. It may mean that you have to hire a webmaster to keep the servers running. It must have the technological skills to interact web hosting and dedicated servers operate.


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